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Bio: Welcome

Raúl Gasque is a multidisciplinary artist who works with abstract expressionism, photography, and text. His art practice is a continuous exploration of issues related to literature, history, painting, storytelling, psychology, rituals and social science from a non conventional angle.

Bio: Welcome

He has worked in different venues, museums and institutions. His experience as an artist took him to develop workshops in the National Institute of Arts in Mexico, The Peace Nobel Prize Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation in Guatemala, Hungkuang University in Taichung, Taiwan and the Mexican Cultural and Trade Office in Taiwan. Furthermore, Gasque has developed lectures in universities and art foundations such as the The Asian Center for Journalism of the Ateneo University in Manila, La Hydra in Mexico City, Lightbox Center and National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan.

Gasque has been a contributor to Vice Media, ERRR Magazine among others. Developing articles with text and photography about art, culture and social phenomena.

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As a multidisciplinary artist Raúl Gasque’s work has been exhibited and performed in venues such as the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, The National Modern Museum of Art in Mexico City, The Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts, and VT Art Salon in Taipei, Taiwan.

Raúl is currently developing a project called “The Limbic Art Practice” between Taiwan and Mexico. A multidisciplinary art platform. Here, Gasque’s practice evolve in workshops, exhibitions, collaborative projects, culture and education initiatives. 

Bio: About
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