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Inspiration & Mentors

Inspiration & Mentors: About

Juan San Juan Rebollar

Juan San Juan Rebollar is one of the most important teachers Raúl Gasque ever had. Juan San Juan is one of the most important photographers in contemporary photography in Mexico. His work is delicate, elegant and aesthetical. His images follow a very organic path. He captures flowers and influenced Gasque not only in the subject but also in the casual but rigorous way of/on how the artist should develop his/her/they art practice. Until this day Juan San Juan and Raúl Gasque have a vigorous communication. 

Inspiration & Mentors: About

AGEND'ARS by Keijiro Suga

This book has been a permanent inspiration to Gasque's work. Keijiro's poems (translated by Cristina Rascon and Eiko Minami) are a system of non lineal language that explore the world in an unique way.

Inspiration & Mentors: About

Books that inspire the Art Practice developed by Raúl Gasque

The books below have been a non direct yet fundamental inspiration for Raúl Gasque. From movies, exhibition catalogues and essays they represent the true school where Gasque found the inspiration for his projects.

Inspiration & Mentors: Welcome
Inspiration & Mentors: Work
Inspiration & Mentors: Work
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