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From Bone to Film

I read in a catalog of an exhibition dedicated to film by Tacita Dean that film is partly made of animal bones. This in my experience with black and white photography tells more of a metaphor than a technical thing. Inside of our bodies bones are our primary structure. In film bones have been crushed to become gelatin that afterwards becomes image. In parallel to that process from all the photos I have taken—that are thousands—I took my archive and crushed it to release in this section of the site a selection of black and white photos taken with film. 


Almost all of these photographs have been taken between the Yucatan Peninsula and Taiwan. The intention of sharing them without the exact location where they have been taken is on purpose. On the contrary of social media where people are giving exact location of where they are taking their snapshots these photos are full of a post romantic ambiguity. This ambiguity has a deep dose of poignant nostalgia that pretends to open new worlds in the subconscious, and psyche of those who see them. 

Mysterious, sometimes imperfect, all these photos are the bones of my metonymic memories. 

Raúl Gasque. 

These images are part of an ongoing series. They can be collected, or requested for art collaboration projects. 

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