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Exhibitions & Projects

From museums, galleries and underground venues Gasque's work have been a constant exploration on how to connect to individuals. Furthermore, in the ways to challenge and surpass bidimensional form. 

In this section you can see posters of some of the most important exhibitions and projects in Raúl's path.

From the TCAC to the Trade and Cultural Office of Mexico in Taiwan Gasque's work has been an interactive schemata.  Welcoming people to interact with his Limbic Artworks, immersive performance and photos. 

Candle Collective Performance in Taipei City
Exhibitions & Projects: Welcome

This gallery is ordered chronologically. The exhibitions are placed in a symbiosis with the talks and performance. Also, there's no distinction between venues or museums on purpose. Since, everything that is in this gallery is considered very important for Raúl Gasque. 

Exhibitions & Projects: About
Exhibitions & Projects: Work
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