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Art & Education

Raúl Gasque's work with art and education have led him to develop edgy and transgressional curriculums for experimental schools, universities, and private tutoring. 

All of them have been created as an individual art project that end up in a long term pedagogical schemata. 

The Limbic Art Practice has been adapted for kids and teenagers. Putting a priority in teaching by doing transcultural world art history. Developing specific artworks, such as murals and public artworks, developed with soil and natural materials. Furthermore, applying and teaching the use of conceptualism, and abstract expressionism to stimulate creativity. 

Self awareness and an open holistic approach have been fundamental for developing each one of these ambitious yet grounded art & education projects. 

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Touch dirt, create with water, understanding fire, and transgressing the boundaries of positivism/confucianism in traditional education. That is what I call "re/ evolutionary" education. To make the students that develop the project to think in a conceptual way using only the materials that art, and nature can provide.

Raúl Gasque

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