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The Hand of 陽明山

The Hand of Time & Nature in The Limbic Artworks

Working in Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan has been a spiritual and bold experience for ​Gasque. 

From the water he uses, the bees wax, the flowers he gathers from the mountain, every single thing counts and ends in the Limbic Artworks. 

Metaphorically speaking we can say that each one of the artworks are developed by the hands of the artist, in collaboration with the rain, wind, fire and the omnipotent sun of Yangmingshan (陽明山).

Each texture, shape, shadow and composition is a symbiosis of things. That is led by the subconscious, time, and meditation of the artist. Without pushing or stressing the process. Taking an absolute trust in what the nature of the mountain wants to deliver. 

These artworks have been also inspired by the work of some artists that Raúl Gasque has built a direct dialogue with. Starting from the Japanese Poet Keijiro Suga whose poems have illuminated the journey and path of the Limbic Artworks for Raúl Gasque. In this matter the book AGENDAR'S, a compilation of poems written in Japanese and brilliantly  translated to Spanish by Eiko Minami and Cristina Rascón, stands apart. 

The Hand of 陽明山: Welcome

The color of the intense green of the mornings, the bright red of the earth, the sound of the rain... absolutely everything has been an inspiration for the artist. And that is why all this is printed in a separate chapter. Since nature here is a co-creator of the artworks. 

The Hand of 陽明山: Quote

The Hand of Nature

Each one of the artworks are made barehands. Using soil, ashes, pigments and other minerals that make us achieve natural textures that bring us all the things that surrounds nature.

The Hand of 陽明山: Welcome
The Hand of 陽明山: Work

Beeswax, our Cohesive Architect

Beeswax is fundamental for the Limbic Art Practice. It is through it that we achieve cohesion between the elements. An architecture of harmony.

The Hand of 陽明山: Welcome
The Hand of 陽明山: Work

Rain, the amazing healer

The Hand of 陽明山: Welcome
The Hand of 陽明山: Work

The Power of the Sun

The Hand of 陽明山: Welcome
The Hand of 陽明山: Work
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