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Los Frutos sin Agua

Limbic Artworks developed in Yucatan 

“Los Frutos sin Agua” are the works that I am developing in Yucatan. Little by little they are transforming. Some absorb what is around them. The sun, the little rain —compared to Taiwan—, the earth and the dust gradually come to life. The title is a tribute to a poem from Keijiro Suga's book AGENDAR'S. There, in that poem there is a narration of what happens in an “atelier/meta”. An atelier that emerges from the tangible and that takes dimensions outside of a linear perception.

The waxes and the flowers are intertwined. Some have come off in the sun. And little by little they take shape with the hand of time.

The way of working is parallel to how I (R. Gasque) did it in Taiwan. But the color palette and even the textures have been changing. It is interesting how a terrain that is different from another ends up recomposing the active narrative of what surrounds us. To say forever is a gamble. And demonstrate it by making an involuntary practice of what is one or many metamorphoses.

Los Frutos sin Agua: Welcome
Los Frutos sin Agua: Work
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